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A bath is not just for cleansing, a bath can purify and detoxify, it promotes blood flow and invigorates, and it has a pleasant impact on the metabolism of the whole organism, especially if the bath includes Dr. Joseph’s Vitalis method. Your body is not engulfed by water, but by warm, macromolecular steam. Your body is covered with sheets, and you are comfortably suspended in a hammock above the tub.

…discover the new pleasant bath feeling; enjoy the herbs and aromatic ingredients pure or in combination with Fango, dead sea salt or chocolate, which is as beneficial to your skin as it is to your soul.

After the bath, enjoy a warm shower, a relaxing back massage and a cup of herbal tea – all this is part of the bathing culture at the Unterpazeider.

Our program

Aromatic Baths
Chocolate bath 75 Min.
Southern Tyrolese hay bath 75 Min.
Unterazeider apple bath 75 Min.
Goatmilk – botanical oil bath 75 Min.
Cembra pine oil bath 75 Min.
Fango bath 75 Min.
Algae bath 75 Min.
Dead sea salt bath 75 Min.

Our tip: all our baths are a wonderful relaxing experience for couples.